Summer starts with Havaianas.

As if we had been on a ship enjoying the amazing view of a city bathed by the setting sun, we were in the perfect mood to officially start a new summer, accompanied by Havaianas. The guests, including celebrities and influencers, did not want to miss an extraordinary event in a relaxed atmosphere ideal to share drinks, chit-chat and good music. DJ Belén Chavanne and singer Joaco Terán were some of the personalities tasked with conveying the good vibes that characterise this brand.

Of course, the protagonists of the season were also present at the event.

Just after entering the venue, you could not miss a key element, the renowned flip-flops, which definitely stood out majestically. A key icon where everyone took a selfie. The same thing happened with the famous VW Kombi, which goes around town taking Havaianas to every single corner. The Kombi’s numerous details have transformed it into a vintage van which carries the soul of the brand.